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Ro-Ro service

We offer direct and fastest service from adriatic ports Koper and Porto Marghera (Venice) to Lybian ports with multipurpose ships for transport of palletized goods, general crago, project cargo and containers as well.

In ships garages can be loaded crates/packages of nonstandard dimensions, pallets, various vehicles (self-propelled loading) and other goods. On ship’s deck can be loaded general cargo, project cargo and other goods (steel bars, tubes, pipes, panels, sheets etc.), as well as standard containers. Ships schedule is every 20 days with transit time from 6 to 10 days for Libyan ports Benghazi, Misratah and Tripoli.

For bigger shipments for other destinations, in consultation and separate agreement with shipping company, there is a possibility for transport of goods to Mediterranean ports in Turkey, Egypt and Algiers. In cooperation with our business partners in Koper, we can offer all terms and conditions for loading/unloading, storage of goods, transit customs formalities.